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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Brucker interview and clean Champ stand up set.

New blog and podcast posted! Check out my interview with one of NYC's most creative entertainers, you've seen her on My Strange Addiction, and The Today show.
 She's a comedian, ventriloquist, actress, singer and published's the time to meet April Brucker.
 You'll also find the sound from one of my recent stand up shows. The set is clean and safe for work.
Plus you'll find links to buy April's book and more.
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Back up the Uhaul 'cause this mother-sucker's movin'.....

Well...this blog is moving to a hosted site It's an exciting time and I am so thankful for the comments and the support. The new site WWW.CHAMPCOMEDYBLOG.COM is the new home of the Thoughts from The Champ blog. It now features a weekly podcast you can find on iTUNES and on Stitcher for Android.. Check out the newly designed blog, please change your bookmarks and subscribe. Please visit the blog and subscribe to the feed on iTunes. The podcast features interviews with artists, small business owners and more. The podcast is up and active and several episodes are posted. Please visit and rate the podcast. Send email about the site and podcast. Some more great links to save.
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reasons TMZ would hate me when I'm a celeb

In this age of instant information, I would confuse  the pure mess out of a paparazzi photographer.
I can imagine the story on TMZ or Entertainment Tonight sounding like this...
"We followed comedian/actor/producer Jon Champion all day long..that fool bought a cheeseburger, took his dad a fish plate from Jack's Seafood and went home Much to our chagrin... no cocaine was purchased and no hoochie mamas were slapped."
I'd be the most boring celeb ever compared to Lindsay Lohan, and Chris Brown.
I'd show up on sets early because I'd appreciate the blessing it is to have a career you love.
I'd constantly work on my craft and the only time you'd hear about me doing anything was when it was time for my next project to be released.
Nothing sexy about me...not beating my wife because I love and respect her too much for that kind of foolishness.
Plus she's a few feet taller than my tiny fat ass and would whomp me on the top of my head one good time  and be done.
I read this article about Chris Brown telling a crowded nightclub his take on how men should talk to their women.
I disagree because I've got a few years on Chris and I've seen his method doesn't seem to work.
Maybe he needs to make sure he's pleasing Rihanna so that she's telling him it's HIS.
It seems that he's not listening to her..she seems to be saying..well..when it's not yours, it's DRAKE'S.
I'm just saying.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Black History Month thanks grandma!

I'm so glad it's Black History Month!
Not just because of the reruns of Roots and classic black film marathons that only happen during the shortest month of the year.
No, I'm excited because I have taken a personal inventory and decided it's time to say thanks to some of the people who have made it possible for me to continue to grow and learn at the ripe old age of 42.
I was raised by a woman who was born in the south in 1894
I obviously didn't have to endure many of the challenges my grandmother and others  endured and for that I'm thankful.
One reason for that  was her strong love of reading.
She taught me to read out of the biggest Bible anyone has ever seen.
I 'm pretty sure her Bible was the first off the press.
This thing is bigger than a phone book, which I'm sure made sense to her.
I can hear her saying.. "Boy laugh if you want to... How else am I going to call on the Lord if I don't have a Big Bible? Now haul that heavy good book on over here and let's get to learning."

I am also thankful for the community where I was raised.
Especially for the mothers and fathers who took the time to try and encourage me and correct me when they saw me heading down the wrong path.
I didn't always listen, but I am thankful for the lessons.
 I'm thankful to the elders who put their lives on the line so that my generation could vote, go to school, start  business and basically have a future with choices.
Every year I post this video I put together from a film about Dr Martin Luther King Jr, with Alecia Keys singing Someday We'll All Be Free. You should watch it and share it.
I'm not going to get into a discussion on the state of black America, or gun crime or poverty.
However, with all the murders this year in Chicago so far, it does make me wonder sometimes if the KKK and other hate groups are cutting back staffing  and funding  because we're doing all the work for them!

 Growing up with a wise grandmother in the 70's who lived in the south long before the civil rights era was a wonderful, challenging and exciting experience.
Even though things were changing in America socially, she still had legitimate concerns and fears.
Plus I know  at a very young age I expressed my fondness for big booty white girls.
It all started with this poster. It was in a cereal box. Seriously...
and I couldn't find any scotch I nailed the poster to my wall.
She broke a pure  sweat wearing me out. 
I think she got a nose bleed too.
That was also the day my grandmother told me the story of Emmet Till's murder.
She also vowed that I would certainly  die the exact same way and she'd be there to say
"I told that hard headed boy bout whistlin at white women".
Lil Wayne, is not my favorite rapper ..really for one reason, I can't understand what he's saying.
They call him Weezy.
That's fitting because  he sounds like he has chronic asthma to me.
Don't give him a Grammy, give his scrawny ass an inhaler.
So recently I learned that Weezing..I mean Weezy has a verse on a song where he  makes a vulgar reference to Till's death.
You can read about the article by George E. Curry  here.
Sometimes I wish everyone could have the opportunity to be raised by much older family members.
I think if they  heard the story told at the knee of someone who really truly  didn't want them  to die, they would understand.
I can't knock any artist's hustle.
Keeping your name in the news is what it's all about.
When people stop talking about you, you're done and the only thing left to do is either get cast on Celebrity Rehab or Dancing With the Stars Season 55.
I understand that times have changed a great deal.
But after the murder of Trayvon Martin and countless others , I still  fear for my children's safety in a violent and ever changing world just like my grandmother.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Teen years, the 1980's.

So I was driving this afternoon and Planet Rock was playing on my favorite station. 
My memory of that song goes like this.... 
I was a 16 year old hormone driven acne scarred teenager. 
When my closest crew of friends decided that we were going to Club 401 on a Saturday night. 
We had no idea what city or town The 401 Club was in..we just knew we had to go. 
About 10 of us in an orange Chevy Chevette.

So all day long we planned and plotted and sneaked and got our cover stories together so that we could go to this club that everyone was talking about. 
All day long the old heads would say.."You young boys need to be at The 401 (unintelligible word) is DJ'in there's gonna be great". 
This unintelligible word sounded like "YIPPER MAZE"...and people kept saying it to us all day long. 
We'd run into people from our high school at the mall who were aware of our upcoming adventure and the first thing they'd say is "Oh man..and YIPPER MAZE is dj'in there too..that's gonna be so much fun". 
Finally, I got the nerve up to ask somebody "what in the hell are you saying?" or.." Can you say that name again"? I got the craziest looks. One guy said.."man I know you wear glasses but I didn't think you were deaf too". 
So at the risk of really blowing it..I decide I'd just nod my head in agreement every time someone said "YIPPER MAZE"... 
The ride to the club took forever. 
We were young..and lost..and determined to find the 401 club. 
This was long before cell phones..and GPS devices. 
We rode..and rode..and rode some more. 
Finally..we saw lining both sides of a rural highway..we turned and followed and wound up driving down a long dirt road..also lined with cars..and muddy..which brought us to a large field filled with cars. 
We got out and followed the crowd of thousands to a tiny tiny house...with a porch..we had arrived. 
People greeted us like we were long lost family..we had arrived...It was The 401 Club..." and you're so lucky ..YIPPBER MAZE"...I just started cutting people off...yeah yeah yeah...I know..."YIPPER MAZE"... 
We made it they got that many people into that small a place is beyond me. 
There was a bar..and they had igloo coolers full of 40 oz's cans and bottles of Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull for a dollar. 
I finally conned some female into dancing with my awkward teenage butt..and what did the DJ guessed it..Planet Rock by Afrika Bambatta and the Soul Sonic Force. 
Man I put on a show on that dance floor...I was dancing to the beat...and even to these strange sounds..that were just a lil off the beat... 
The girl I was dancing with yelled in my ear..something I couldn't understand...I replied back "Yeah baby I know..YIPPER MAZE is on fire tonight"...and she yelled in my ear again..Louder this time.... 
"NO I SAID DEY Shooot-innnnn we gotta get outta hea'!!!" 
She led me out of that club while we ducked and dodged gun shots and punches and chairs being thrown. 
That girl saved my life that night. 
After the stamped to the parking lot..or parking farm..field...I got to talk to her again and she said... 
" I'm never coming back here..even if GILBERT BAEZ is DJ'in" 
He is a well known radio and tv personality and a well respected Army veteran who contributes alot of time to causes in Fayetteville N.C. 
So there we were..the only two people in the county that spoke English that night. 
Wherever that lady is..I hope she's doing great. 
Lesson learned that night..avoid night clubs named after highways!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Musical guilty pleasure..don't judge me

My musical guilty pleasure this week is Dr. Hook.
Don't judge me, they had a lot of really good songs.
I always liked the lead singer's voice.
As a kid growing up listening to AM radio and seeing bands on The Midnight Special, I always
thought the guy with the eye patch was the lead singer.
So here's a YouTube playlist with their greatest hits and some cool live performances..check out
The live version to  Cover of The Rolling Stone. It's a cry for a twelve step program.

Teena Marie album review--Beautiful

The title of Teena Marie's last album is Beautiful.
It couldn't be more fitting.
The recording was completed just before her unexpected passing in December of 2010.
The album shows the versatility and creativity that fans of Lady T  will always remember, 
She even talks about her style and her use of metaphors on the song "Luv Letter" 
I'm a love letter baby/might just make you cry/read em and weep.
The thumping bass line and catchy hook are ready for radio.

Likewise, "Sweet Tooth" projects a dynamic bass line with upbeat and catchy lyrics.
It's not a song with a simple melody as you'll notice by the chord changes and bridge before the rap break. 
In my opinion this album is one of Teena's finest.
You'll find subtle references to Motown hits and a full fledged tribute to Smokey Robinson.
This is NOT a remake of the 80's hit "When Smokey Sings".
There is a cover version of Curtis Mayfield's "Give Me Your Love."
Teena's daughter Aliah Rose  is featured on some of the songs and has a beautiful voice.
You'll also find Rick James' daughter Ty performing on this project.
This is a great record for longtime Teena Marie fans and people just introduced to her work.
Rolling Stone magazine has a great ARTICLE on the album where you can listen to songs  and read an interview with her daughter Aliah Rose who went to work soon after her mother's passing to make sure this project was completed. 
I produced a tribute radio program with interviews  that you can find in a You Tube playlist here
My advice..go get BEAUTIFUL.